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Sorry … couldn’t resist. Anyway, glad to announce a pending project with a world leader in the snack food industry. Plano based Frito Lay® and their vendor Studio J Designworks has approached 7th Wave Creative to help develop an internal site dedicated to the Frito Lay Fleet division. Still in the preliminary stages, but we’ll keep you posted.


We are currently in the beginning stages of developing a relationship with a fantastic Inc. 500 company who is also listed in the top 100 of Deloitte’s 2009 Technology Fast 500™. This is a client we’ve had on our radar for the last four years. We definitely have the capability to add tremendous value to their image and marketing efforts. Breaths held and fingers crossed with excitement.

UPDATE: 09.10.2010

The courtship turns to honeymoon as we are pleased to announce our working relationship with Orametrix® and their branded proprietary digital orthodontic system, SureSmile®. SureSmile truly does change everything in the face of orthodontics and we’re proud to be an asset to their communication efforts.


7th Wave Creative is working on brand development for our regional cooperative utility partner. This product branding coincides with what is proving to be the biggest initiative the organization has undertaken since their inception in 1938. The initiative is somewhat confidential. We’ll share more when we can.

UPDATE: 07.24.2010

The name and logo has been selected. We still need to keep this under wraps because it is part of an initiative that is only discussed internally but, it is some great work and we’re as proud of how the identity mark turned out as our happy client.

UPDATE: 09.10.2010

Working now to create a training event and package for employee education. The trick to this is to keep it scalable as it will eventually parlay into a roving educational event per region as the initiative rolls out starting early 2011.


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