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Our Philosophy


We’re quite in tune with the range of services we have to offer, and we can only imagine what is beyond our capabilities. We wouldn’t take on any project if we felt we couldn’t pull it off, but if it’s ever been done once, we can get it done again. And if it hasn’t yet been done … we’ll be propping you up as the first to succeed in the endeavor. That’s what never say “never” means to us.


The value of an identity is NOT in a good looking mark. We’d hope any agency approaching you could design a decent logo. The logo is but an immediate representation of an identity, whether it be product I.D. or corporate I.D. Your identity, however, is a fantastic representation of what you can bring to the market. Encompassed in your identity should be fear, trust, and intrigue.

  • Fear for your competition
  • Trust for your loyal customers
  • Intrigue for your prospects


As a dynamic agency, we’re able to pull from resources depending on the need to successfully execute a plan. The myriad of talent at our disposal has been immersed in, and influenced by, many cultures both nationally and around the world. This advantage enables us to directly relate to most any defined target.


Why 7th Wave Creative

Most any marketing or advertising agency will boast that the best thing they can do for their client is “listen” to them. They’ve been advised that listening to your needs is the most important part of the relationship between the client and themselves.

We say phooey to that!

We would hope any agency you work with gives you that consideration. That should be a given. We listen and take notes just as well as any other agency.

So, now that we’ve listened … we need to build & execute a plan that inspires results. Without a plan of action, listening does no good. That’s why we consider building & executing a plan the most important part of the relationship between our clients and ourselves. We have solid experience in developing plans that lead to outstanding results. Contact us today to see how we can work for you!

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